Driven by guiding principles of fairness and value

At Dhahan Law, a set of values is central to our way of living and practicing in the legal profession. These values include justice, passion, trust, efficiency, professionalism, effectiveness, innovation, accessibility, patience and value.

As lawyers, we take seriously our duties to maintain integrity of both our practice and the law itself, protect the rights and freedoms of all persons, and to ensure the independence, honour and competence of your lawyers. Below is more information about Dhahan Law to help you understand what makes us your ideal choice in cases of personal injury law, employment law or family law.

We fight to get you the full settlement you deserve

Whatever the reason is that you are in need of legal support, we know that you want and deserve results. At Dhahan Law we are passionate about finding creative and strategic solutions to legal problems, be it through negotiation and mediation, or trial. Dhahan Law lawyers have appeared before the British Columbia Provincial, Supreme and Appeal courts as well as numerous tribunals.

On the personal injury side, Dhahan Law only represents plaintiffs. As plaintiff lawyers, we seek to protect client privacy and stands up for those where personal circumstances could be used against them by defendants and those defending them.

Personalized attention for every case

Solid relationships with clients form the foundation of our practice. Jordana and the other lawyers and staff at Dhahan Law have made it a priority to work with individuals. They are passionate about defending personal interests and human rights. Most of our clients are hardworking individuals who just want a fair settlement. They want someone to take the case off of their back so they can focus on getting treatment, working and moving on with their lives. We strive to be that firm.

Our Key Practice Areas

Vehicle Accidents

Helping you get the right settlement from a vehicle accident, regardless of who is at fault.

Employment Law

Dealing with wrongful dismissal, discrimination, harrassment or assault situations.

Family Law

Pre-Nuptial Agreements, family disputes, separation and divorce, including custody.

Legal Advice

Come to us when you have a situation that needs expert advice from a legal perspective.

Slips and Falls

Helping you recover costs incurred due to a slip and fall caused by negligence.

Harrassment and Abuse

Harrassment at work is unacceptable and we’ll help you get the settlement you deserve.

Human Rights

We can help you if you’re facing any kind of discrimination based on an inherent right.

Child Support

We seek to arrive at solutions with minimal disruptions of the children’s lives.

Dhahan Law is your best choice for personal injury law, employment law and family law

What makes us your ideal choice

At Dhahan Law, you deal directly with your lawyer. We care about and build one-to-one relationships. Your case is reviewed and handled by an experienced attorney. We listen carefully to your situation and answer all your questions. You get a free initial consultation so you have nothing to risk to talk to us. We treat you with courtesy and respect throughout every step of our relationship with you. We’re on your side, seeking to get you the compensation you deserve.
  • Fees

    Our profession is a branch of justice administration and not merely a money-making business. As such, we consider many factors in determining fee arrangements, including the client’s ability to pay, the importance and complexity of the issues and our availability and experience. At Dhahan Law, we provide sliding scale fee services for lower to middle income clients, as well as for those struggling with injury and employment situations. Contingency fee agreements are considered in some cases. We accept Seedstock community currency. Seedstock is a Vancouver and BC-based currency that encourages a local independent business economy. Please visit Seedstock to learn more.

  • Unbundled Services

    At Dhahan Law, we believe that our role is to facilitate access to justice for our clients. In some cases, this means empowering a client to forge their own path with limited legal services and advice. We are pleased to offer limited scope retainers, which are agreements for a lawyer to provide legal services for part, but not all, of a client’s legal matter. Unbundling is becoming increasingly popular; it can be an affordable option for people who don’t qualify for legal aid, but can’t afford a lawyer or would prefer a degree of self-representation.

  • How we can help you?

    You may be feeling a lot of pain. You may be suffering both physically and emotionally. We believe that part of our role as your legal representatives is to help you begin the healing process. That process begins by talking to us. In cases of personal injury law, your initial consultation is free. For other types of cases, it’s a low-cost way to explore your options. It makes sense to discuss your situation to see what we have to offer. Whether it’s a personal injury law claim, harassment or discrimination case, employment abuse, painful separation, divorce or child custody battle, consider bringing the experts at Dhahan Law alongside. Contact us.

Small is Big

As a growing legal firm, you get all of our attention. When you choose us to handle your case, we don’t just treat you as a client. We treat you as if you are part of the family, providing you with the kind of personalized, caring service you would expect from family. You get to deal directly with an experienced attorney and able to talk to that attorney when needed.

Superior Communications

We will keep you informed of all significant developments in your case. An experienced attorney personally handles all the important aspects of your case. We return calls and emails quickly, to give you peace of mind.

You have the right to have your questions answered, so we never leave you hanging with unanswered questions. You will always know the status of your case.

Guiding Principles

At Dhahan Law, we operate with a set of solid guiding principles guiding not only our legal practice, but the way we live our lives, to provide you with the highest level of legal integrity.

Our ethical duties are important, and lived out in various ways including our leadership role in community organizations in the Metro Vancouver area. We strive at all times to act with fairness, candor, courtesy, and respect in carrying out our professional duties.

Jordana has been identified as gifted and called the “brain trust” throughout her career. After she scored in the top 1% on the LSAT and found her way into Mensa Canada, she realized that law was the perfect place for her natural aptitude for strategic thinking, analysis, persuasion and writing. Jordana combines high quality of work and output with her passion for bringing personalized and compassionate service to individuals. She remains committed to being accessible, while building relationships between you and her legal team. Dhahan Law seeks excellence, recruiting and working with other lawyers and staff who have proven excellence in their life and work.

Tired of the same old stuffy lawyer? Dhahan Law brings the brilliance of highly skilled legal minds with a personal touch that’s refreshing for clients looking for a firm that they can trust.

“Accident related pain is a barrier between a person and the world. I see my role as assisting people repair their relationship with life. My primary job is to obtain compensation for victims of injuries, but the litigation process can be much broader. I love helping people get back on their feet.”