About our Articling process

Currently we have no positions available

Who We Are

We are open-minded, positive and friendly and strive to create a balanced work environment with opportunity for student initiative and growth. We believe that employer created stress inhibits productivity. While students should have an inner driver and legal work does have its own stresses, we create a positive environment with strong leadership so that students thrive in our environment.

We are entrepreneurial and enjoy working with others with a similar mind-set.

We love mentoring our students and each other! We take our roles as mentors seriously and take the time to teach and guide our students.

We offer reasonable working hours, flexibility and a very positive environment.

We include our students in as many court hearings, mediations, discoveries and client meetings as time permits and assign such tasks to our students where possible. Students are involved in all aspects of a file from the intake process, pleadings, discovery, settlement and trial.

Our clients love us and we want to ensure that they get the same experience from all our staff.

What We Offer

We offer a base salary with commission for student-generated clients. We have an incentive based system and support to ensure that you will be able to bring in clients.

Associate Contractor Position: For young lawyers committed to embarking on an entrepreurial path, we offer associate contractor positions for an opportunity to work under the firm umbrella and with firm resources and the team, while being responsible for generating your own clients.

Who You Are

We are looking for someone with the following attributes:

  • Genuine, compassionate and positive
  • Motivated and diligent
  • Strong writing and organization skill
  • Interested in working in a small firm environment with our practice areas
  • Entrepreneurial skills or attitude or openness towards entrepreneurialism and networking.

We give responsibility to our students and students are expected to be proactive about their work.

An LLM, second language skills and some work experience (not necessarily law) are an asset.

Roots in or long-term plans to live in the Lower Mainland are considered as this position may extend past articles.

How to Apply

Please email your resume and law school transcripts to Jordana Dhahan with a paragraph or so about yourself in the email body. Writing sample and written reference letters may be considered.

We are looking for a good fit for the firm so please apply if you are excited about articling and hope to find a place in a small firm geared to offering legal services to individuals with more personal legal problems.

How to Apply: just resume, law school transcripts required
Email: jordana@dhahanlaw.com
Address: 1058 – 2560 Shell Road, Richmond, BC V6X 0B8
Contact: Jordana Dhahan