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Many people who play sports recreationally assume that they cannot claim compensation for injuries sustained during the sport activity. That is because of a doctrine called volenti non fit injuria, which means that if someone willingly takes risks of harm, they should not be able to sue someone for that harm. This principle will apply…

Jordana Dhahan and Elnaz Tahanha successfully defend fired employee against misappropriation claim and win wrongful dismissal counterclaim. OWL Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society’s case against former executive director much a-hoot about nothing. For details see: CBC News: Wrongly accused of misconduct, founder of B.C. bird rescue group vindicated in court Surrey Now-Leader: Founder of Delta’s OWL…

If you have a personal injury claim, be aware that the insurance company will use social media to find out if your injuries are what you claim.

Your insurance claim can get surprisingly complex if you are deemed to be working at the time of a motor vehicle accident. Here’s how it could affect your claim.

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