Helping you deal with personal injury

In general, we see our role as assisting you repair a lost relationship with the world after suffering a personal injury. Pain is a barrier to that relationship, limiting you from participating boundlessly in life, whether the pain is physical, mental, or emotional. It makes one sit back and watch while others enjoy. It can require one to have to rest at the end of the day instead of enjoying the things you want to do. Pain can make it harder to get up in the morning. It can result in needing accommodation or more breaks at work. It can diminish motivation. It can make one turn to medication or endless therapy to support one’s participation in life. It limits one’s ability to manipulate the environment to meet one’s own needs and desires.

While our main job in personal injury law is to obtain compensation for victims of injuries, it can be much broader. With the tools available to us in the litigation process, we strive to get you the diagnosis you seek to best understand your predicament and how to excel despite it, which you might not otherwise get from the medical system, whether it be a medical diagnosis or functional capacity evaluation or recommendations for treatment or workplace accommodation. It can be the starting point for career exploration. It can be towards life and financial planning.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

carMost of our cases of personal injury law relate to motor vehicle accidents. It doesn’t matter who was at fault for the accident. If you were injured as a result of an accident, you should get the compensation you need to recover effectively. After all, that’s what insurance is for. So it’s important to contact us even if you think the accident was your fault. You should get in touch even before you call ICBC. And don’t forget, that initial discussion is completely free of charge.

In some cases, motor vehicle accidents can lead to lifelong medical issues. Being compensated properly can mean the difference between medical care that will let you get back to living, including such things as renovations to your home to accommodate new health issues, or struggling through without any of that future support. Which would you prefer?

We have helped people who have witnessed a death while involved in a motor vehicle accident. Many of these clients are hesitant to pursue a claim due to overwhelming feels of guilt, grief and trauma from the accident. We remind you that the settlement proceeds are not paid by those causing the accident, but by ICBC or other insurance company. As a result, individuals are usually not personally affected by the claim. Its not just your life that’s at stake, but also your family, especially if your injury is causing wage loss and an inability to work or provide for your family. A fair settlement is essential to get your life back on track.

Slip and Falls

Slips and falls can involve a wide variety of personal injury situations. Here are a few typical examples:

  • Slipping on an oil or water spill in a store
  • Tripping and falling in a pot hole in a parking lot
  • Something falling onto you
  • Falling on uncleared ice on a sidewalk
  • Injuries caused by equipment failures


Unfortunately we live in a world where anger, hatred and other emotions can lead to violence. If you’ve been the victim of physical and sexual assault we can help you get the compensation you need to recover, both physically and emotionally, to get your life back.

We work really well with clients who are dealing with sensitive issues such as assault and human rights violations. We have background training in psychology and counseling. The way we communicate with clients and the presence we bring to our work is just as important as the results we get.

Clients who have suffered from an assault often face depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. We strive to provide a calm working relationship with our client and make sure we take the legal burden off their backs so that they can focus on recovering. We bring presence and sensitivity to these issues so that clients are not re-traumatized by the litigation process.

We ensure that defence counsel and others involved treat our clients with respect and care and ensure that the appropriate protective measures are put in place. For example, we have obtained an order to exclude the perpetrator of the assault from court proceedings so that the client did not have to see this individual again.

Dog Bites

Dog bites are unfortunate but common personal injury law cases worthy of a settlement. We can help get the compensation you need to look after your healing process and deal with the resulting trauma and emotional distress caused by the attack.

Dogs are required to be controlled by their owners. When they are out in public they must be on a leash except in designated areas. Even on their own personal property, dogs need to be properly restrained so that they can’t injury someone. If you’ve been the victim of a dog bite, talk to us about the process of getting properly compensated for the attack.

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